First Ride: Zero FX Electric Motorcycle

Zero FX Electric Motorcycle

Electric bikes are weird. It isn’t that they’re not great. There’s almost nothing on the road that beats them for a quick and cheap commute. There’s just something about the bikes that makes them feel more like a necessary evil than a fun ride. It’s really hard to wrap your head around the idea of riding one of these bikes just for pleasure, especially if you have your handy gas-powered model sitting around at home. I mean, why change perfection? That was my point of view until I tried one electric bike in particular, the Zero FX Electric Motorcycle. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be wrong about a vehicle in my life.

I guess it’s best to start with the look because first impressions are a pretty big deal when it comes to your ride of choice. Nobody wants to ride a bike if it looks like it isn’t fun, and I truly believe that’s why so many people steer clear of the electric market. It’s like there’s a rule out there that electric bikes have to be as boring as possible. Maybe it’s so people will take them seriously as an alternative means of transportation, but I really don’t know.

Thank goodness that nobody told the people who designed the Zero FX that they were supposed to be designing something that couldn’t look fun. If you take one look at this bike, you’re going to want to hop on it. It’s got a good, sleek look that makes it seem like it is made for the road, and you’re going to feel cool any time that you jump on it for a ride. The color scheme isn’t really much to write home about (it’s black, what more do you want?), but it’s definitely a cool little bike that’s going to turn a few heads.

Zero FX Electric Motorcycle

But looks aren’t everything, as any good biker knows. This bike could look like a million bucks and it still wouldn’t be worth taking out for a spin if it wasn’t legitimately fun to ride. And, once again, the bike delivers far more than I ever would have expected out of an electric model. It’s got everything that you could ever want out of an electric, and it definitely rivals the fun of some of the standard rides that I have had in my life. It’s just a good piece of machinery.

When I say it rides well, the first thing I have to talk about is handling. Seriously, it handles like a dream. I don’t know if there’s some stereotype about the handling of electrics out there, but it’s definitely not present in this model. The Zero FX is a good, upright ride that’s not going to have you wincing every time you come near a pothole, and it’s a lot of fun to ride in a city even if you’re in traffic. There are probably better bikes for handling out there, but I can’t think of a single one that is also electric.

And yes, it’s got power where it counts. No, it doesn’t have that amazing power that you can find out of some traditional bikes, but it’s a heck of a lot more zippy than I expected it to be. I’m not exactly a racer, but you can definitely get a real sense of speed when you ride the Zero FX. If you’re willing to give it a try and put aside all of your prejudices about electrics, you’ll find yourself having a great time.

Zero FX Electric Motorcycle

And yes, there’s the fact that you save gas. I know that gas isn’t as big a deal on a bike as it is in a car, but every cent definitely counts. The bad news, I guess, is that this is not going to be a good bike for driving cross-country (which is a relief, because of the upright posture you need to keep) because it’s only going to get you about forty miles without a charge. That’s forty really good miles, though, and forty miles you don’t have to pay for out of pocket. It charges fairly quickly, keeps you on the road, and you’ll definitely wake up to a full charge every morning.

I feel like I could ramble about this bike forever, but I want to make one more major point. It’s a pretty safe little bike. Yes, it’s quiet but it stops on a dime, and that’s going to save more lives than loud pipes could ever hope to save. You might be a little unnerved by how quiet the bike is, to be honest, but you’ll definitely end up with a vehicle that will keep yourself and others safe while you are on the road.

This is the most fun I’ve had on an electric bike and one of the better rides I’ve had. Is it a replacement for your long-haul bike? Definitely not. It’s a good choice for commuters, though, and for those who just want to go out and ride on the weekends. If you’re looking into electric bikes and you want to make sure that you are riding one of the best on the market, you definitely need to check out the Zero FX electric motorcycle.

Author Bio: Alex VanOver is an avid motorcycle enthusiast who spends his days maintaining his popular website, when he’s not riding. He currently resides in Nashville, TN, with his wife Ashley, their two children Marc and Heidi, and their dog, Paisley.


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