Winter Motorcycle Storage: Tips to Keep Your Bike in Tip-Top Shape Over the Winter

It’s September. Winter’s on its way, and it’s almost time for the beast to hibernate. Today we will be breaking down what you will need to do for winter motorcycle storage. Your motorcycle will spend a few months cooped up in the garage, waiting and biding its time. When you unleash your bike again in the spring, you want it healthy and raring to go. You don’t want it to emerge emaciated and weary, malnourished and weak. A sick bike is like a sick shark: dangerous. Dangerous vehicles can lead to serious situations. You’ve got to think ahead, to take care of your bike before you store it for the winter.

So what needs to be done? There’s plenty of good winter prep, but none of it’s too difficult or complicated. Some good, basic care will make sure your bike spends the long, cold winter in a happy, warm place. Here’s what you need to do to make sure your motorcycle is waiting for you in proper form this March.

Get Your Oil Changed

Old, soiled oil can damage your engine. And it’s going to sitting in there for a while. And if you’re not in the mood to change it yourself, an oil change is a good excuse to get your bike into the shop for a general tune-up. Even if you’re a dedicated gearhead, it never hurts to have a second pair of eyes look over your bike for issues. And, according to Consumer Reports, winter-ready oil additives are unnecessary.

Routine Fill Ups

Make sure everything that can be filled up, is filled up. In addition to that oil change, make sure your bike gets a topping up of antifreeze, gas, lube, etc. This will ensure everything’s in tip-top shape when you get it out again next year.

Keep It Inside

Don’t be a cycle slob. Leaving your motorcycle to fend for its own out there in the elements from November to March shows real neglect for a fine piece of machinery. If you care for your bike, care for your bike. Snow, ice, and extreme cold can do an ugly job on your equipment. And if it’s going to be exposed to some sort of weather, get something good to cover it; certain kinds of tarps can actually trap bad stuff inside and cause damage to the body.

Take Care of Your Battery

Dead motorcycle batteries ruin beautiful spring days. A lot. Take your battery out. And don’t just let it lay around. Charge your battery every now and then to make sure everything’s in working order. Do this to avoid the sinking feeling of having the first good biking day of spring ruined by a non-starting battery.

Take Care of Your Tires.

Check tire pressure. Check it before you store it, and check it occasionally throughout the winter; atmospheric condition change all the time, and can affect your tires’ pressure levels even if you haven’t been on the road. Don’t forget to give it one last, good check before you hit the road again in the spring.

Think Ahead

Motorcycles require a lot of care. Keep an eye on your bike, and take care of any problems before storing it for the winter. You don’t a situation to escalate while you wait for spring. Get things working ahead of time.



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