What To Plan For A Long Motorcycle Trip

Are you planning a long trip on your motorcycle?  Follow these to have your ride simple and satisfied.

In India, Motorcycle touring is still in amateur stage where people do look towards you as some crack head if you reached on your motorcycle long way away from home. Basically a motorcycle is just an efficient way to take you from point A to B and the distance varies from 4 kms to 30 kms. Yes, you may find an exception here and there that one travels approx 45 kms to work (like me).  But touring on motorcycle for long distance is still being considered as new hobby which is not acceptable by everyone.

If you are considering to start touring on motorcycle just remember to follow these steps to make your journey Hassle free, smooth and satisfying.

  1. Maintenance / Service. Make sure you service your motorcycle and go through the service maintenance chart for the required things to be done for that number of Kms in the ODO. Lubricate all those parts like Clutch, brakes etc (You don’t want you clutch cable to snap in the middle of nowhere). Make sure, you do your service at least 15 days before the ride and be familiar with the bike. If there is any issue you have time to take it to service station and correct it.gemini-motorcycle-courtesyImage courtesy – Rideapart
  1. Mobile phones: Mobile phones have now been integrated into our essential Life system. Biggest disadvantage is that it needs to be recharged using electricity and not with body energy. So do buy a 12 V cigarette lighter charger or a USB charger which directly connects to the battery of your motorcycle. On the go charging is the new style.wupp-5v-2-1a-led-motorcycle-mobile-waterproof-dual-usb-power-supply-port-socket-charger-with-jpg_640x640
  2. Camera: Ensure you keep Extra SD card, Extra Batteries and a Soft cloth. Those memory full, Battery low, and lens being blur moments will surely frustrate you. Keeping anything extra is just a precaution and do follow it.motorcycle-helmet-camera
  3. Tires: Hope your tires are good and have at least 40% of the Threads left. It maintains braking distance during those panic moments. Keep a puncture kit and a foot pump. You may never know when you have a flat tire and keeping puncture kit will make sure you don’t get stalled on the highway.rideaprt-image-courtesy


  1. Chain: Lubricate the chain every 500 to 800 kms when you are touring, dust which gets accumulated on top of the chain increases the resistance and making your engine work more. Clean and Lubricate for smooth rides.


  1. Extra fuses, wires: Keep it, just as precaution.motorcycle-fuses
  2. Tool Kit: What should it contain? A tool kit normally that comes with the bikes should be added with 14 mm Allen key (only if it’s a Kawasaki versys 650) a Multipurpose Pliers (Leatherman Rev multitool), extra screwdriver, torch, towing strap, Zip ties, bungee cord.

tool-kit-rideapart-image-courtesyImage courtesy – Rideapart


Also make sure you already have good KMs on your saddle previously. If you tend to head out for the first time, know your limits of riding, Drink lots of Water and do take breaks to refresh yourself. Enjoy the weather and the cool breeze.

Guest post provided by Ashish over at www.hegdeashish.wordpress.com


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