What to Look for When Motorcycle Helmet Shopping

Helmet Shopping Guide

Motorcycle helmets are crucial for your health and safety. When you take a fall—and many motorcyclists will take a fall at some point—you need to make sure your head is safe. The right helmet can save your life.

What should you consider when shopping for your bike helmet? There are loads of helmet types and styles out there, and you can easily get overwhelmed when looking through the different varieties. So what are those differences? And what should the concerned biker think about when shopping for a motorcycle helmet? Read on to find out.

Make Sure It’s Durable

You’ll want a strong helmet. After all, this thing is supposed to keep your head in one piece when you smash it against the asphalt at sixty-five miles per hour. Your motorcycle helmet needs to be one of the strongest things you own because it protects THE most important thing you own: your life. Thousands of motorcycles crash every year, and according to motorcycleaccident.org, head injuries kill more motorcyclists than any other kind of injury.

When you get your helmet, make sure it can stand up to nearly anything. Consult you local know-it-all clerk to find the strongest helmet you can. Why get a weak helmet? Your safety is worth any price.

Get the Right Size

Your helmet needs to fit. A helmet that’s too big will be a nightmare. An oversized helmet could get swept to the side, obscuring your vision and creating incredible dangerous situations—you need to see clearly if you’re going to drive safely. And a helmet that’s too small will just give you a headache.

When you shop for your helmet, try a number of different of helmets. Make sure you find a helmet that fits firmly but doesn’t hurt. It needs to stay put under heavy winds and sudden movements, but it shouldn’t cause you pain, which could distract you or leave you shopping for another expensive new helmet.

Check Your Head Shape

Heads are all different. Revzilla.com has nice little guide to the different shapes your head can fit into. Different helmets are designed with these different shapes in mind, so you’re in luck no matter which shape your head is.

Shape is a lot like size. If your helmet has the wrong shape, it won’t fit right. A poorly fitting helmet will either move itself around or make you suffer under the pressure. Try a bunch of different helmets at the shop to get one that’s right for you.

Consult the Department of Transportation Standards

To get a thorough look into expert opinions on motorcycle helmet guidelines, check out the guidelines put out by the Department of Transportation. These people are serious about road safety, and they’ve seen it all. They have recommendations regarding everything from size and shape to chin strap texture and inner liner thickness. Check through this list before you go shopping—or better yet, save to your smartphone so you can check it while you’re shopping—to make sure you get the best possible helmet for you.


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