Top 10 Road Trips to Experience in 2018

Top 10 Road Trips to Experience in 2018


The best part about a motorcycle road trip is the feeling of independence and exploring some beautiful scenic landscapes on the go. This is further escalated with the company of some amazing friends and the beauty of the nature’s wonders.

To enhance your experience, we have rounded up 10 best motorcycle trips that you should definitely go for in 2018.


  1. Bow Valley/ Icefield Parkways- Alberta, Canada:


This place in Canada has a jaw dropping background and is an enticing destination for all the mountain lovers across the globe.

This is a stretch of about 400 km and you will be stunned by the gorgeous landscapes of mountains, wildlife, waterfalls and Columbia Icefields. You will also find beautiful towns like Jasper, Banff and Lake Louise along the way.


  1. Pacific Rim Highway- British Columbia, Canada:


This extremely splendid Pacific Rim Highway is situated just on the British Columbia’s Vancouver Island, Canada. You will find spectacular sights of the coastal town of Tofino. You can find other beautiful sights of Sproat Lake, Port Alberni Summit, Vancouver Island mountains and Sutton Pass.

Drive along the beautiful shores of the Kennedy and Cameron lakes and feel the soothing breeze. Though this ride is only about 170 kms, it will definitely stay in your mind forever.


  1. The George Washington Highway, Virginia, United States:


This curvy pathway has a plethora of wonderful sites of mountains, rivers and other beautiful sceneries. You will pass through the Cathedral State Park in the midway and you will ride just northwards to the Monongahela National Forest.

Once you have done this, you will find that you have just reached the path where you can enjoy some of the best east coast rides- The Blue Ridge Parkway and The Skyline Drive.


  1. The Cabot Trail- Nova Scotia, Canada:


This place is renowned as one of the most scenic motorcycle destinations across the world. This is about 300 km in length and is situated in the maritime province of Nova Scotia.

You will find yourself passing through the forests, rock walls, glaciers and vast highlands. This is a perfect place for all those people who want to explore the beauty of nature in its full swing.


  1. The Haines Highway- British Columbia/ Yukon Territory, Canada:


People who are brave, daring enough and can explore the wild should definitely try out this 240 km ride, as it is just the right fit for you. This highway in Canada is a conventional route used by the Chilkat traders and the Klondike Gold rush miners.

Get stupefied by the spectacular beauty of the alpine tundra, icy mountains and the coastal forests in this two lane path.


  1. Needles highway, Black Hills, South Dakota, United States:


You can’t really get enough of the beauty of this place. When you will travel on this beautiful highway, you will realise the joy of this place resides in exploring this place on a bike.

This highway cuts through the two tunnels- Iron Creek Tunnel and Needles Eye Tunnel. You can even find the wildlife creatures here, like Bison.


  1. The Eastern and Southern Shores- Nova Scotia, Canada:


These shores are one of the most secluded and beautiful places in Canada. You feel the sea breeze while you drive along this route with beautiful views of sandy beaches and rugged coastlines.

You will find pass some of the longest beaches in the area and about 300 coastal communities. You will also find places like Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg and Chester.


  1. The Kananaskis Trail- Alberta, Canada:


It is a part of the Alberta’s Canadian Highway which leads to the Highwood Pass. The beautiful snowy peaks, rich green lakes, generous wildlife, shiny clear rivers and wide roads will surely make a lasting impact on your mind.

This place is remote and not much advanced. Your phone may not even catch any signals, so you have to ensure your safety on your own. This place will seem nothing less than a fantasy castle.


  1. Pacific Coast Highway, United States:


Mexico Highway 1 is not complete without the mention of California Highway 1. The place is renowned for its exquisite beauty, especially when you’re travelling in between Monterey and Cambria. The roads are astoundingly beautiful.

To enjoy the beautiful views of Pacific Ocean and the west, drive at a slower speed. Avoid travelling this place during summers because the roads are usually blocked due to the crowd of the tourists.


  1. Kerona/ Lake Superior Shore- Ontario, Canada:


You should definitely take this epic route of about 1200 kms which will let you explore the beauty of Canada. You will pass by various twists, turns and the wonderful forests with spring canopies.

One of the most picturesque sites in Canada is on the bank of Lake Superior from Wawa to Sault St Marie which will definitely leave you blown.


Now that you know these places, you should definitely not miss out on the most amazing motorcycle road trips to visit in 2018.


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