Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain

Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain
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Riding your motorcycle in the rain is something that many people try to avoid. The “Mayhem” commercials from Allstate start to pop into mind (just google it). There are slippery roads, falling trees and random objects that may get in your path. However even if the weather is perfect when you begin your journey, there are times when the weather can change. Which could leave you caught in the middle of a heavy downpour. So how do you cope if you are caught out in the rain and there is no place to take shelter? Here are a few tips to help you and keep your chopper scratch free.

Get the right clothes

The first thing you need to do is get the proper gear, but you also need to realize that you may still get a bit wet. The key is to find clothes that will not absorb water and is also warm. Wearing something warm will help with the cold. Since you are exposed to the elements and moving quickly you will not only get wet but will also encounter cold wind. You will want to use gloves to protect your hands from getting wet.

You will need to ensure that your helmet covers your face for added protection. However, due to the rain there is a high likelihood of your helmet fogging, which will greatly affect your visibility. One way to fix this is to install any brand of shield insert in your visor that keeps it from fogging. This will be a great help when you need to ride your bike in the rain. And don’t forget that the visor you need is a clear one.

Rain usually causes reduced visibility on the roads so make sure you get reflective clothing so that other road users can see you coming.

What you need to look out for

Your tire grip levels are usually poorer on wet roads, which makes it harder to brake or accelerate with speed or force. This is a good time to ramp up your defensive driving skills and be more careful than usual. You need to be alert for sudden moves and other vehicles which might spin out of control.

When you are riding your motorcycle in the rain, it is important to go slowly and plan ahead. The following tips will help you avoid getting into a motorcycle accident.

Safety Tips to heed

  • Drive slowly and do not be in a hurry. You need to be able to make quick decisions without making sudden moves that could topple your motorbike. This will also reduce your braking distance and help you see dangers ahead.
  • Make an effort to ride more smoothly. Do not brake or accelerate harshly, but take things nice and easy and gradually increase force till you get to the speed you desire.
  • Keep a healthy distance between your motorbike and other vehicles. The important thing to focus on is your safety and so do not get distracted by the way another road user is driving.
  • Start applying your brake several miles before you intend to stop. This applies when braking for a stop light.
  • Be careful not to drive in the center of the lane because cars usually drip oil and this can add to the loss of tire grip of the road.
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