The Cross Country Dream Ride

For many riding a motorcycle is a dream but not so many people have put this dream to reality.  The fact is that it takes a lot of hard work, preparation and a strong will to follow through with this dream.  Many motorcycle enthusiasts take joy in day trips or just taking the bike for a short sunset ride but not all of us get to make the cross country dream ride that we all deserve, why is that?  Probably the most reasonable explanation for this is because of lack of time.  If you want to make a cross country trip it is recommended that you take at least 2 weeks, even more ideally.  We all get caught up in our daily work routines and when we are finally able to take a few weeks off we owe it to ourselves to unwind and hit the open road, sure that sunset ride works wonders in letting the stress float away just like the tires of your baby glide over the asphalt but imagine what 2-4 weeks of nothing but the open road, some good company and your bike can do for the soul, go ahead, you deserve this.

If you are going to make this trip it takes a lot of planning, first off you should ask yourself the question to rent or ride your own bike.  Most people couldn’t stand making this trip without their own personal bike which is understandable but renting can be a very good option.  If you plan to ride your own bike then getting your baby back home is the number one concern, it is best to get a quote from a motorcycle shipping company before you leave home.  It would be great to be able to ride across the country then take another route home but the trip will be very hard on your body, so unless you are a young buck renting a bike for a one way trip or shipping your bike back home are the two most popular choices.  Another option is to have someone drive a vehicle along with you for the trip, this can be a great option so you don’t have to carry a large load and you are not restricted to what you can bring.  You will always have shelter if the weather turns bad and the problem of getting your own personal bike home is solved.

Next you have to plan on what to bring for supplies, if you are planning to stay at hotels this can lighten the load substantially but will be much more expensive than camping out when you can.  There are many beautiful camp sites in America and one of the best ways to unwind after a long day of riding is to sit back and have a cold drink around the fire.

Motorcycle Camping

It always recommended to bring an emergency first aid kit so don’t forget this important piece.  Next you will need to consider what type of clothing to take, the best time to ride across America is May through October but be prepared for cooler than expected temperatures and of course you will need your rain gear and be knowledgeable about  .  It is wise to always have some pre-packaged meals with you for the ride just in case you get stranded and of course always have plenty of drinking water, the road can be very hard on the body so keeping hydrated and taking in the proper nutrients is a must.  You will need to have some tools just in case something goes wrong, it is always good advice to take pit stops, not only to rest your body but to rest your bike and check to make sure everything is tip top.  One of the most important articles you need to carry with you for the trip is a cell phone, not only does it back as a GPS but you can find information about hotel, restaurants, biker bars and camping spots.  Technology has never made saving your memories so easy, you can upload your pictures with geotags on Facebook, Instagram and Flickr so sharing this trip with your friends and family can be done effortlessly and you will never forget the name of that place you visited.

Route 66

Famous Routes in USA to Ride

Route 66: Everyone who owns a bike knows about this 2200 mile route from Santa Monica to Chicago, come “get your kicks on Route 66” It wasn’t until 1926 that this enduring iconic rout was paved and since then it has been worked on intensely so much that the new freeway in 1984 decommissioned route 66 and now the old route is known as Historic Route 66, although the route is not the same as in the day, you can still encounter many historic landmarks along the way.

Pacific Coast Highway: This 17000 mile ride should be on everyone’s bucket list.  It may be the coast filled with chill towns, beaches and cliffs or the redwood forests that make this route so awe inspiring.  From Olympic National Park to San Diego the mostly two lane road will wind down the coast and the Pacific Ocean salt air will engulf your nostrils as you will have sight of the coast seemingly continuously.

Highway 12: There is an epic 125 mile stretch between Capitol Reef National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah that will take your breath away.  The windy ride is best appreciated at sunset with the light bouncing of the sandstone rock formations and dark lakes, when you make your way to Grand Staircase National Monument in Dixie National forest you will know why you made this trip.


Appalachian Mountains: The Blue Ridge Highway is heaven’s gateway to these scenic mountains, the views at the Peak of Calf Mountain will have you looking in aww at Shenandoah National Park.  The Appalachian Trail passes through 7 states starting in Maine and ending in Georgia, the road parallels this famous hike that so few have completed.  The best time to make the trip is in fall to see the full spectrum of all the vibrant colours.

The Oregon Trail: Route US-20 will take you on a 3300 plus mile journey from the east coast bustling Boston to Long Beach Oregon you will experience an extremely diverse range of terrain.  Niagara Falls and Yellowstone National Park are two the worlds wonders that capture your mind in an overjoyed trance as your wheels glide along on this mesmerizing expedition.  Mount Rushmore will bring a patriot out in every rider and you will be one of the 3 million visitors that come every year.  Your mind with flow just like the Mississippi River as you pass your time doing what makes you feel free, ride on, ride on.


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