A Guide to Choosing Winter Tires for Your Motorbike

Truthfully, writing a guide to choosing the right tire for your bike is difficult – do you have a dirt bike that runs knobbly tires at low pressures or a high-performance missile that uses semi-slicks and multi-compounds?

The one common thread that runs between all bikes is choosing right – a motorcycle has a tiny contact patch, the only thing between you being safe or eating tarmac is choosing just how that contact patch behaves or indeed … ‘contacts’ the road – no Ditchfinder™ tire should ever find its way onto your bike if you have any sense.… Read more

Cold Weather Riding Tips

Cold Weather Riding Tips

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but its winter. You might not have if its warm all year round where you live – but where I am, temperatures are plummeting. Some of you may have already winterized your bikes and tucked them away until spring, but others may have bought extra layers of clothing to prepare for some cold weather riding.… Read more