Must-Have Accessories for Motorcycle Riding

Good quality motorcycle riding accessories improve our riding experience. These riding accessories make a motorcycle ride more comfortable. So, if you are one of those people who would rather ride a motorcycle than step into a car, then you must have these important motorcycle riding accessories.

Motorcycle Helmet

Why do we need helmets? Besides protecting the face and head, helmets keep bugs, dust, and sun from your face. Full face helmets are better at protection than others. Have a look at US Motorcycle helmet laws here.

Palm Sliders

To put our hands out and protect the body is a basic human instinct. This reduces the impact and damage to the body, which is good but our hands take the impact. Many motorcycle riders face severe injuries on their hands because they ride without gloves. Proper motorcycle riding gloves with palm sliders provide the much- needed support and also protect the hands. Touch screen-friendly gloves will help you use the device without removing them.

Motorcycle Jackets

If one were to fall off the bike, the body will always make contact with the ground. Armored riding jackets protect from abrasions and reduce the impact, especially on joints. Ventilated jackets let the airflow through the jacket making sweat vanish for comfortable summer rides. For the winter, riding jackets with heated liners would keep you warm and the windproof outer layer keeps the cold out.

Riding Pants

Like the head, hands and upper body, the legs need protection too. Regular jeans get ripped when the rider gets in contact with the ground. This can cause serious abrasions and injuries. That is why you should wear riding jeans, chaps, or Cordura textile trousers while riding.

Riding boots

Tough pair of riding boots will protect your feet and ankles from injuries, abrasions, and impact. Wear protective motorcycle boots with ankle protection. Many riding boots have shifter pads but if yours don’t I would recommend buying one separately.


Most bikes don’t have luggage space so motorcycle bags is the solution in such case. There are a lot of options available like hard and soft leather, textile, and metal bags. I like the bags that can be easily detached and are easy to carry, you may choose otherwise according to your preferences.

Ear Plugs

Earplugs cut the wind noise and actually help the rider stay focused. On short trips, you might not even need these. But during long trips high pitched wind noise can be distracting and irritating. Prolonged ear exposure can even cause loss of hearing. Try a pair on once or twice and you will feel significant improvement in your riding experience.

Rain Suit

Waterproof apparel is the best and easy but expensive way to protect yourself from rain. A separate rain suit is a much cheaper option and good rain protection. A Hi-Viz rain suit is great as it becomes two in one, Hi-Viz and rain suit. Waterproof liners are not so functional, in my personal experience. When the weather is pleasant, they make the clothes damp and the person sweaty. When it’s raining the outer material of the jacket gets damp anyway making it heavy.

Tool Kit

If your bike is well maintained it will ride well, thus your trip will be pleasant. Maintenance can be needed anytime anywhere so having a tool kit with you is always good. Be sure to pack zip-ties, fasteners, tire repair kit, and lube along with the regular tools.

The list of must-have accessories is an extensive one. But these are the most important ones you need.

-Kevin Martez


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