Why Motorcycles are Safer than Cars

Why Motorcycles are Safer than Cars

Debating whether or not riding a motorcycle is safer than driving a car is an argument that will go on for years. Accident wise, you are far worse off if you crash on your motorcycle apposed to inside your car. An accident that leaves your car with a dent can put a motorcyclist in the hospital, though fear of riding is usually based on prejudice and what you’ve heard – not real experience.

Safety on the road comes down to how likely you are to have an accident in the first place. If you’re on a motorcycle, the safety factor comes in as you realize you can avoid accidents easier. In a car, you feel safe because you have protection around you, but your options are more limited. There’s no denying that a careless motorcyclist can kill themselves easier than a careless driver, but when it comes down to proficient drivers, I would give motorcyclists the safety edge. They can see more, evade better and attend to the road with limited distractions.

A rider’s perception is more broad than a car’s. Having a better view of the road means you can spot obstacles or danger earlier and avoid it more appropriately. If a motorcyclist turns their head, they have a clear all around vision of their surrounding with no bodywork creating blind spots. When you see more, you can avoid more. So if seeing danger first is better to avoid a crash, then motorcycles are safer than cars.

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Motorcycles See More

A motorcyclist’s field of view is much further and wider than that of a car’s. Riders can also move left or right in their lane for a better view of what’s ahead in case a large vehicle like a SUV or truck blocks their vision. In contrast, a car driver has to remain on the steering wheel side in their vehicle. If you see more, you avoid more.

Evade Better:

Since a motorcycle is smaller than a car, it makes it less of a target to be hit on the road. Its compact size give riders more places to go safely. If a car ahead makes a sudden stop, the car behind it may rear end it. Pile ups happen due to cars in their lanes not having anywhere to maneuver in a sudden stop. Motorcyclists have a few more evasion options than cars as they can swerve to the side, or even split lanes depending if its legal in their state. They can even pull into the shoulder lane if their are riding on a highway. In terms of accident evasion, motorcycles have the upper edge. They are overall more mobile than cars, and can accelerate better out of a troubled situation.

Attend Better:

Motorcyclists Attend More

When you don’t have a protective shield around you on the road, your brain must work with your body to keep it safe. Riding a few feet above the ground should be enough to have your full attention. Drivers are more comfortable as they have the luxury of air-conditioning or heat while they cruise inside their enclosed vehicle. This gives them more ways to be distracted from the road. Anything from food, drinks, cell phones, cigarettes, passengers and plenty more, can take a driver’s attention away from what’s in front of them which is a main cause of road accidents. Focusing on one thing impairs your attention of another. This makes motorcycles safer because they increase attention and diminish distractions.

Now these reasons may not go hand in hand with the actual statistics of yearly accidents, but if you eliminate all the squids and careless drivers on the road, then motorcyclists have the edge. The stakes are higher, but if you ride safe, you’ll be less likely to have an accident in the first place.


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  1. brian
    February 2, 2016

    Nearly half of fatalities are single vehicle. Even if you avoid car crashes while riding it’s still more than cars. We need to avoid single vehicle collisions too.


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