Motorcycle Security Measures: Preventing Your Motorcycle from Being Stolen

Preventing Your Motorcycle from Being Stolen

Riding a motorcycle is, without a doubt, one of the most fantastic ways of travel in the world. Unfortunately, with motorcycle ownership and the thrill of the ride also comes a major negative aspect. Thieves. Bike thieves work diligently to grab the bikes they like and the ones they know will make them the most money on the streets and if you want to prevent them from stealing yours, you can do a few things to help deter thieves from implementing ways to take your bike once they spot it.

Keeping a motorcycle safe from thieves is no easy task at all and it takes more than one deterrence most of the time to prevent theft. The best way to keep a bike safe is to have more than one type of security when at all possible. Sure, it’s great to have an alarm or a wheel lock, but when you combine several security features, it allows for a thicker layer of security to deter thieves. Here are some motorcycle security measures that you can take to help keep your bike safe from theft.

Keep a Clear Line of Sight in Public

If you are heading out to go shopping or to have a night out, be sure to park the bike in a location that will allow you to see it clearly when you check the parking lot. If it is dark out, be sure to park where there is a street light or a security camera when at all possible. Thieves often look for bikes that are out of the public eye where they can easily slip away with one without drawing attention to what they are doing.

Keep It Hidden Away at Home

When you park the bike at home, try to keep it away from the eyes of anyone that may take too close of an interest in it. If you have a garage, keep it inside with the door shut and locked. If you do not have a garage, try to keep it close to the house and even cover it up when possible to keep others from seeing it.

Use an Alarm Pager with a Remote Engine Start

KapscoMoto offers a great alarm pager with a remote engine start that is perfect for any motorcycle. This alarm features both a manual and timer controlled remote engine starter that works at a range of over 5000 meters. If someone takes the bike without your knowledge, the remote start also shuts the engine off and the thieves will not be able to start it again.

Customize Your Bike

Whether it is a unique paint job, a special seat or set of handlebars or even colorful wheels, customizing a motorcycle to make it highly visible is something that many bike owners to show their individuality, interests or artistic ability and aside from it being something to do to make a motorcycle your own masterpiece, it is also something to do that may help deter thieves. Most thieves prefer not to mess with a customized motorcycle because they are generally easier to identify, especially of the owner has detailed pictures showing exactly what the bike looks like.

Hire Only Reliable Transport

If you have your motorcycle transported to or from bike shows, rally’s or other events, always make sure that you hire only a professional motorcycle transport company that specializes in bikes and can transport it to and from the pickup and delivery location in a secure manner.  When you hire a professional transporter, the bike will be secure during shipment and will be insured in case of an accident during the trip.

Never Store Your Keys Near the Bike

If your motorcycle will be placed in storage for any amount of time, even if storage happens to be inside of your own garage, never leave the keys in the same storage area. The only time your motorcycle keys should be anywhere near the motorcycle is when you are hopping on to take a ride. If you park your bike, never leave the keys in the ignition or laying on the seat even if you will only be a few feet away from it.

Most people don’t want to have to consider things like theft when they own a bike and want to enjoy taking it on cross country runs or just riding around town, but theft is an important issue and one that needs to be taken seriously. Doing what you can to protect your motorcycle will help deter thieves and help ensure that your bike stays safe and secure for your use for years to come.


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