Motorcycle Road Trips in the Fall

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Summer is ending and many people are beginning to prepare for autumn. If you haven’t tuned your bike up for a scenic ride up the coast or through idyllic country villages, it is not too late. As a matter of fact, autumn may be the best time to consider a short motorcycle road trip. There are many locations you can ride to and many sights you can see in fall, before the weather gets too cold. Just imagine whipping along on your bike, the sun in your hair and glinting off the dash, and in the wake of your exhaust, leaves in beautiful shades fluttering down. If this scenery sounds enticing, then you should jump on this list of the top sights you must see before the end of the fall season.

Route 50, West Virginia

One of the most popular motorcycle routes, this road was made to be sped down. It is twisted, there are bends at every turn (pun intended), and of course, the scenery is something you cannot help sighing for. Mountains, rivers, and beautiful trees with leaves in beautiful shades line the road, dotting the scenery along the route. This is a highly recommended route that will make a memorable short getaway.

Needles Highway, South Dakota

If trees are not your thing, or if you are in the mood for some mountain scenery, Needles Highway in South Dakota is exactly where you want to be. The scenery is breathtaking, with mountains rising on every side, grey and craggy. On the cliffs, just close enough for you to see, deer and antelopes gambol all around. This is definitely one route you must consider for the fall season.

Tail of the Dragon, North Carolina

You cannot have a route named Tail of the Dragon, know about it, and not want to experience the adventure. This route boasts of 318 curves packed into just 11 miles; it is a dare that anyone who wants to claim to be a king of the road must answer. The view from the Tail is quite something else, as it borders the Smoky Mountains National Park. What’s more, it is a tourist spot that hosts the Tree of Shame. This is where riders who have been unable to conquer the Tail have parts of their vehicles nailed to the tree and hanging from the branches. Definitely a must see!

Beartooth Pass, Wyoming

This is another popular route for bikers in America. This route holds magnificent scenery to amaze every rider. First of all, there are mountains, then there is forest, and then there are rivers. What more could you ask for? Did we mention that you can also see the snowcaps of the mountains on Beartooth Pass even as you scale the hills on the road and meander through the cols? This is one ride that you must go on.

Make the Trip

There are many expeditions to be had this fall, and you can even customize one that fit your tastes. However, do not let the chance slip by. Autumn has beautiful scenery and great weather and is an ideal time to hit the road. Make safety a priority: According to Sevenish Law, it is important to know what you can and cannot control. Keep this in mind on your next road trip.  Gather your pals, tune up that bike and hit the road before the trees lose their color and fall is over.

Are you planning on hitting the road soon? What are your favorite routes during fall?

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