5 Things that Should be on Your Pre-Ride Checklist

5 Things that Should be on Your Pre-Ride Checklist

With motorcycles, comes freedom. No car can offer the thrill and rush you get when riding your bike. It is recommended that before you go for a cruise, to check over your motorcycle to help keep you safe. Now you don’t have to do all of these checks every time you go for a ride, but you should always be keeping an eye on the condition of your bike and make sure everything is working properly every couple of days. Continue reading to find out what should be on your pre-ride checklist.

1. Tires

5 Things that Should be on Your Pre-Ride Checklist

Before you go for a ride, make sure to always check the condition of your tires, because without them you aren’t going anywhere. You want to make sure they are properly inflated because low tire pressure can cause problems from handling distortion to tire failure and affect your fuel consumption. Also inspect for cracked, gashed or worn rubber and find out if there is enough tread left on them in case you come across any wet roads. Double check for any objects like nails or glass which can cause air loss while riding. You should even check the quick release mechanisms that hold your wheels in place and confirm that they are securely fastened so they don’t fall off and send you flying over your handlebars.

2. Brakes

Now that we know your motorcycle can go, checking your brakes next should be obvious because you’re going to want to be able to stop it. Squeeze your brake levers to make sure they handle enough pressure to work in your favor and that you don’t have any problems with strained cables. Give a quick visual check on the front and back brake pads to be sure they are hitting the rims and not the tires. You don’t want your brake pads to hit the tires when applied because it can damage your sidewalls and launch your over the handlebars. Touching the rims results in a more pleasant and comfortable stop.

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3. Lights

5 Things that Should be on Your Pre-Ride Checklist

You want to be seen and be able to see others while riding to help avoid accidents on the road, so making sure your lights work before a ride is important to your safety. Turn on your ignition and check if your headlight’s high and low beams work. Then give a quick peek at your taillight and make sure it turns on as well. Next, depress the brake pedal and lever and double check that your brake light works because you always want drivers behind you to know when you are slowing down. Now, do your turn signals work? Check the left and right signals in both the front and back. If you come across a malfunction, KapscoMoto has a wide variety of headlights, taillights and turn signals to replace them with.

4. Fluids

You should check your oil levels when your engine is warm and on a center stand. You should also be regularly checking the gaskets, seals and housing for any signs of a leak. Your hydraulic fluid in the brakes and clutch are also important so check the reservoir, master cylinders, calipers and hoses for leaks too. Running out of fuel is never fun either. Keep an eye on the tank and check the carbs, lines, and fuel valves for leaks as well.

5. Helmet

5 Things that Should be on Your Pre-Ride Checklist

Haven’t used your helmet in a while? Make sure to check it before you go out for a ride. Look it over and make sure there are no cracks or dents on the outer shell, the inner padding is still comfortable and chin-strap isn’t broken. If any of this is the case, it’s time to replace it. One fall on your head will damage the foam on the inside of the helmet and retract its protective ability.

Anything else on your pre-ride checklist? Let us know in the comments.


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