Motorcycle Lights Must-Know Facts

Choosing the right lights for your motorcycle is often quite tricky. The first thing you should know is the difference between headlight bulb types. If the variety of offers on the market seems overwhelming for you, read this comprehensive guide by, and it’ll become much easier. 

The Importance of Lights

Headlights are the number-one safety measure for any vehicle. They illuminate the road ahead and make you visible for other drivers, which is vital both in the daytime and at night. The key parameter to look for when shopping for these lights is brightness. However, stronger doesn’t always mean better. If headlights matter to you the most today, this headlights review of particular models may come in handy. 

When it comes to taillights, you have to be picky as well. They play the second most important role in your safety on the road. Taillights add up to bike’s visibility at night and show let other drivers see its length from wheel to wheel at a glance. It’s also the source of the brake light. And don’t ever think of changing the taillight’s color as it must be red to avoid misleading of other drivers.

Another legally required lights are the turn signals. Here you have a bit more freedom and can place flat lights right on the bike body or mount them on lengthy stalks on both sides. The law regulates their color as well. 

Finally, the accessory lights are not essential. However, you should be reasonable when buying them too. These bulbs shouldn’t be brighter than other lights and must follow brightness regulations of your state unless you’re shopping for the next Burning Man festival. 

Know The Bulb Types

All the three essential lights come in 3 bulb types. Halogen is the most common type and usually comes as a default light on the majority of bikes. Years of testing for reviews at proved that LED and Xenon HID manufacturers tend to diminish characteristics of halogen bulbs. There are hundreds of models that have equal brightness with other types, so don’t hurry to change the ones on your motorbike. While the difference in luminosity can be minimal, the low price of halogens is a significant advantage. Moreover, you won’t have to fuss with any extra equipment like the HID Kit for Xenon lights. 

Choosing LED lights, you should know that it’s harder to find worthy ones. Manufacturers rarely use them as default lights, so installation may appear time-taking. However, the advantages can outweigh. LED technology became the leader of other industries due to its dramatically lower power consumption. Besides, they’re usually brighter than halogens from the box and have a longer lifespan. LEDs are perfect for turn signals and taillights but can be blindingly bright if you use them as headlights. 

The third type is Xenon HID. Motorcycle drivers typically use Xenon for headlights due to the high beam color temperature. It’s probably the most stylish headlight type for any bike. Unfortunately, the price of being fashionable is too high. You have to pay extra money for an HID Conversion Kit, which is also illegal in many states. 

Safety First

While style is of high importance, the first thing you should look at is your personal safety and comfort of other drivers. Our favorite setup at combines a bright halogen headlight with a soft beam and sharp LED taillight and turn signals. 

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