Motorcycle Charity Rides, Rallying For a Good Cause

Motorcycle Charity Rides
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Rallying For a Good Cause

Motorcyclists have always been considered an interesting group of people. Popular culture has long depicted bikers as rugged vigilantes and other assorted hard edged tough guys. But there’s more to it. Lately, motorcyclists have been riding into the spotlight for a different kind rally. Bikers have been raising money for charitable organizations. Loud roaring engines now make different noises and for an inspiring cause.

Nearly 5,000 motorcyclists died in the United States in 2012, according to The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor. Bikers understand that there’s more to life than a good time. The world’s full of pain and danger. The motorcycle community has been building a powerful network of good works and motorcycle charity rides over the last few decades. Here are some of the most successful positive rides that have happened in recent years.

Bikes, Blues & BBQ

This Arkansas organization brings a good time and good cause to crowds of enthusiastic music lovers. No numbers have popped up yet this year, but the 2014 rally drew 400,000 people.  People bike together, barbecue, and listen to some brawny, banging blues tunes.

And, of course, it’s all for a good cause. Lots of local charities get serious dough from all this excitement. Meals on Wheels, Boys and Girls Clubs, and many other pick up funds from these bikers and bluesmen.

Rolling Thunder “Ride For Freedom”

This annual Memorial Day tradition brings honor and support to our nation’s veterans. Bikers hit the road, converge on the capital, and make a big, noisy, chrome and leather extravaganza all to raise awareness of and praise the soldiers who’ve offered up everything they have to keep this country on top. The Ride For Freedom starts from all over the United States and ends in Washington DC. This ride has been going strong since 1988.

Ride For Angels

This religious based biker group the Freedom Riders recently scored a big hit for a good cause. stirring up funding for people in foster homes to develop independent life skills. This rally’s funds will go to help building up needed structures for a charitable organization.

The Tour of Honor

Here’s an interesting one. The Tour of Honor is combination bike rally, cross country race, and scavenger hunt. It’s competitive charity. Like the “Ride For Freedom,” the Tour of Honor’s purpose is to raise awareness and honor the country’s veterans. Unlike the “Ride For Freedom,” the Tour of Honor is a solo ride. Riders get a personal journey, full of reflection and somber consideration for all the sacrifices and brave deeds for fallen, wounded, and other American soldiers.

Ride for Kids

This event, which involves country superstar Lyle Lovett, raises money for kids with brain cancer. Who says bikers are tough guys all the time? Everyone’s got a weak spot for kids. And these kids don’t have a weak spot on them. Brain tumours are brutal, and the young folks fighting their effects are tough customers. Motorcyclists respect that. The Ride For Kids is on its 32nd year of fighting the good fight. The events happen all over. Check out their website to find one near you.

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