How to Protect your Motorcycle from Theft

How to Protect your Motorcycle from Theft

Nothing sucks more than having your prized possession stolen. Lucky for you, its easy to prevent that from happening. You must learn to stay aware whether you leave your bike unattended at home, at work, downtown or at a big motorcycle event.

What is it about motorcycles that make them such a prime target to steal? Well, they lack anti-theft technology [compared to cars], their ignition is in the open giving thieves a less complicated time cracking their locks and their small body frame makes them easy to tow away, hide and difficult to locate afterwards. Many motorcycle riders fork out extra money on their bikes to enhance their performance or appeal, making them even more valuable. It’s important to take on as many security measures that you can to make your bike less attractive to thieves.

Continue reading below to learn how to protect your motorcycle from theft.

What Motorcycle?

What Motorcycle?

You can’t steal what you can’t see! The easiest prevention from having your motorcycle stolen is keeping it out of sight. It’s best to keep it safe inside your garage [preferably behind a larger object] and you might consider covering the windows because…well, thieves have eyes too. Have a lock on your garage? Even better! If you don’t, you should definitely invest in one. Just don’t keep your bike parked in front of your house at night for creeping thieves to see. If you don’t have the luxury of having a garage and live in an apartment or condo, its best to park your bike in sight of a surveillance camera. Make sure to throw a cover over it where ever you are, so any logos or brand names are hidden – and try to keep your cover unbranded as well. If a thief can’t tell what kind of bike you own, they’re more likely to pass up the opportunity of stealing it. Connecting your cover to your bike with a cable lock is also helpful. It stops anyone from taking a peak to see what’s underneath, but unfortunately won’t stop thieves from taking the whole thing all together.

Lock Up


This should be common sense, but many riders are inconsistent or improper when locking their bikes. You want to make it as troublesome as possible for someone to get your bike. A steering lock is your first step, but adding a disc lock is a one up. A motorcycle u-lock and chain to attach your bike to a solid object is even better. Don’t make the mistake of wrapping the chain through the wheel because it can be removed. Looping it through the frame is the way to go. Make the chain as tight as possible to give less room for a thief to use his/her bolt cutters and keep the lock and chain in the air as opposed to lying on the ground. Don’t cheap out either. A thin chain is no hurdle a tenacious thief can’t jump over. Get yourself a strong, thick chain so the efforts for breaking it loose are near impossible. If you leave your motorcycle tucked away in your garage, keep any tools usable to disassemble your locks out of there. Having three solid security arrangements is a great way to keep your bike safe. Thieves may be prepared to tackle one safety device, but can be turned off when they see multiple ones.

Invest In An Alarm System

Motorcycle Alarm System

If you still don’t feel your bike is safe with your locks, installing an alarm system should be your next step. This combined with your other security devices can give a thief an even harder time getting your bike in their possession. Cutting chains and removing locks can trigger your alarm, potentially scaring off a thief. You might not be in a position to hear your alarm go off [if it does], so you can get yourself one with a pager that notifies you when your bike is being tampered with. Nowadays, alarms are so dynamic. They come in different designs and you can get ones that go off if your bike is moved, lifted or flipped. Even if you don’t have an alarm or can’t afford one at the moment, you can get stickers to slap on your bike saying otherwise. You can never be too safe!

Mark Your Parts

How to Protect your Motorcycle from Theft

If your bike gets stolen, make it impossible to sell. Most of the time, bike thieves steal your vehicles for parts they can sell on the black market. Marking key parts that can be sold with a visible identifying mark in visible and secret areas, makes them difficult to sell afterwards. Its good to mark as much of your bike as possible to identify yourself as the real owner.

Be Cautious When Selling

Be Cautious When Selling

Using fake identities has become a common thing in bike thefts. If you are planning on selling your motorcycle, be sure to stay alert of who you let come look at it. If a potential buyer gets dropped off to check out your bike, make sure to receive something significant of theirs before letting them go for a test ride – you want to make sure they come back. If the person seems interested in purchasing your motorcycle, ask for his or her name, address, date of birth and drivers license number. Don’t turn over the title until you verify the check or money order has cleared the bank.

Take advantage of your surroundings. Using as many security measures as possible should be enough to lure away bike thieves and keep your pride and joy safe and sound. If you have any more ways on how to protect your motorcycle from theft, please let us know it the comment section below!


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