How to Fix a Fast Blinking LED Turn Signal

How to Fix a Fast Blinking LED Turn Signal

Have you just replaced your stock turn signals with brand new LED blinkers, only to find that when you use your indicator it hyper flashes…or worse, stays solid? Not to worry, this is a common problem with a quick solution.

Continue reading to find out how to fix a fast blinking LED turn signal.

LED Bulb Load Resistors – The Hyper Flash Fix

Resistors can go by a few different names, some will call it a load relay or load equalizer but what they are going to do is resist the amount of wattage going to the LEDs. The standard resistor for motorcycle turn signals is a 8 Ohm, 25 Watt resistor which will work on virtually every LED turn signal.

Do I Need a Resistor for my Bike?

Short Answer: There is no way of knowing.
Long Answer: If you are planning on upgrading your signals to LED’s you will not be able to determine if you are going to need resistors. We recommend picking up a pack of resistors if you are buying some new LED signals as they are pretty cheap and it will save you a big headache if you find out you need them later on.

Installing LED Load Resistors

For your reference, we picked up the LED Load Resistor from KapscoMoto for about $12. They came in a set of two (one for each signal).

Here is the wiring for the unit:

  • Yellow = Power Wires
  • Black = Ground Wires

These resistors are great because they are designed to make it incredibly easy to install. The resistor wires have male and female ends for easy plug and play action. Just insert the positive and negative wires from LED turn signals into the female ends, and the other positive and negative wires to the turn signal connectors from the motorcycle and you’re done.

Has this issue happened to you? Got another fix? Let us know in the comments below.


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