How Do Bluetooth Helmets Work?

A helmet is perhaps the most important protective gear that you should wear when riding a motorcycle. It protects your head from the collision, lessening the likelihood of a deadly accident. Through the years, different manufacturers have improved their helmets through incorporating a wide array of technologies. They have researched about new materials and the best ways to optimize construction. To add, they also developed new technologies, and one of the perfect examples of the latter is the use of Bluetooth technology.bluetooth-helmet

If you are wondering about how do Bluetooth helmets work, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll let you know. By the time that you are finished, you will most probably be convinced that you need one!

First and foremost, let us take a look at what Bluetooth technology is. In case you have been living in a cave and have not heard of this awesome innovation, it is a revolutionary technology that changed the way we communicate. It eliminated the need for wires to connect one device to the other. It can be used to pair two mobile phones together and to send a file. It can also be used to connect a headset or a speaker to the source of music.

In recent years, the Bluetooth technology has also been incorporated in modern helmets. However, most of the helmets that are available are limited to communicating with helmets from the same brand. With this, to be able to talk to another rider through Bluetooth technology, they need to have a helmet that is similar to the brand that you have. Otherwise, the communication will not prosper.

Bluetooth helmets are not only used for rider-to-rider communication. Depending on the specific product that will be chosen, you can also have it paired with your mobile phone. With this, you will have the opportunity to talk to someone in a manner that is hands-free. You will be alerted if someone is calling you. Just press a button to take the call and you can already talk as you drive. This will also be helpful when listening to music or to directions for easier navigation.

As it has been mentioned earlier, the most distinct characteristic of Bluetooth is that it has no cables or wires. You do not have to worry that the wires will end up tangling or getting on your way. As a replacement, it uses piconets, which refer to ad-hoc and short range networks that enable establishing a connection between two compatible devices. Once a connection has been made, the source will function as the master and all others will be slaves.

If there are no wires, how are two devices connected with each other? This happens through an innovative chip that comes with its own antenna. It has a special software that can effectively interpret incoming signals. When the Bluetooth is turned on, it will be visible to other devices. To offer security, meanwhile, you may have the option to set a password. With the latter, the connection will be established only once the right password has been entered.

What about interference? If you are afraid that other people may steal your signal or hear conversations that are sent through the Bluetooth network, there is no need for you to be worried. The limited range of Bluetooth signals is one of the reasons why it is not easily prone to interception. Meaning, the network will be discovered only by the device that is within close proximity to the master.

The good thing about the use of Bluetooth helmets is that the signal is pretty much strong. This makes it excellent in offering hands-free connectivity, allowing the communication between two parties or devices to be clear. Especially the newer versions of Bluetooth helmets, they utilize an advanced technology that does not only offer clarity, but also power efficiency. It uses minimal power, and hence, it will take long before it can drain your battery. This is perfect even for long-distance rides. Nonetheless, if it is not used or you do not intend to use it, turn off Bluetooth to save power and to avoid it from being discovered by other networks.

By now, we hope that you are already aware of how do Bluetooth helmets work. They are not only technologically advanced but will also be essential for your safety.


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