Essentials for a Perfect Motorcycle Garage

When you own a motorcycle, whether it’s a classic 80’s model Yamaha or a brand new, just off the assembly line Ducati or Harley Davidson, making sure your garage is the perfect motorcycle garage might just be at the top of your list of things to do. With the spring season flying in quickly, now is the ideal time to start getting the essentials for a perfect motorcycle garage.  Make sure you have everything you need within arm’s reach to keep your motorcycle in top shape and to make life in the garage a little more comfortable for you and those who venture inside to see the bike.


Your awesome motorcycle garage needs to be well stocked with the right tools. Nothing is more annoying than reaching for a good Phillips screwdriver or needing a socket and realizing you’re missing the one you need. With tools in mind, here are a few to make sure you have on hand:


Having one or two screwdrivers flung into a toolbox just won’t cut it when you want the ultimate motorcycle garage. You need to spend a little to ensure you have screwdrivers in many sizes to accommodate the toughest jobs on your bike as well as around the house. Steer clear of the discount stores and set your sights on a quality screwdriver set that will last for years to come.


A simple socket set will do the trick when you find you need to loosen bolts or tighten up a few nuts. You can pick up a good set of sockets with a wide range of sizes at your local hardware shop.

Torque Wrench

Making sure the settings on your motorcycle are accurate is important and a torque wrench will come in handy if you plan to do the work on your own.

Other Necessary Items

Air Pump

A good electric air pump is nice to have and sure beats stomping on one of those ancient foot pumps when you need a little air in your tires.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Be sure to have a gauge handy to check the tire pressure to make sure everything is properly filled.

Chain Cleaner

The chain on your motorcycle is one of the most important features on the whole bike. Never use gasoline or other harsh chemicals to clean the chain. Instead, use agents designed specifically for cleaning motorcycle chains.


Lithium grease as well as locking fluid are essential needs for any good motorcycle garage. You always have parts on the bike that need kept in place as well as those that need a little grease to help them move better.

Fire Extinguisher

Anywhere that you have chemicals and potential sparks is a great place to have a fire extinguisher. A good powder extinguisher is ideal for a garage.

The Extras

Comfortable Chairs

Chairs may be one of the last things you consider when thinking about building, or remodeling the garage to be the perfect motorcycle garage, but if you plan to have friends over to hang out or to show the motorcycle off to, then you need to have a few comfortable chairs where you can sit with friends and admire the work you’ve put into the garage.


You need to have proper lighting to see the details of your motorcycle during times that you need to work on it or even when you just want to sit back and look at it. Having some skylights installed if your garage is not built underneath the house is a great way to not only have ideal lighting, but also a good way to save a little money on the electric bill if you use the garage during daylight hours. A roofing contractor can easily come in to prepare your roof for a natural skylight installation and you’ll be on your way to brighter days inside and a clear view of the motorcycle.


You will of course want to have a good tool bench and a nice tool box in the garage as well as the other items. Be sure to toss in a good cooler for those times you need a cold drink and toss a nice rug down to help cut back on the cold concrete floor if you want to sit in the garage when it’s cold outside. A good heater will be a good investment as well to keep it nice and toasty inside when you and your buddies are hanging out telling all your motorcycle tales of those long motorcycle road trips during those winter months when riding might not be an option.


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    June 27, 2018

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