Automatic Motorcycle Turn Signal Shut Off

Self-Cancelling Turn-Signal Systems

Empty road, perfect weather, intriguing corners and untouched nature – is there anything more one could wish for on a motorcycle? Unfortunately, every ride is not as ideal as the one described. As motorcyclists we, more often than not, need to adapt our rides according to the road conditions, weather and most importantly other participants […]

Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain

Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain

Riding your motorcycle in the rain is something that many people try to avoid. The “Mayhem” commercials from Allstate start to pop into mind (just google it). There are slippery roads, falling trees and random objects that may get in your path. However even if the weather is perfect when you begin your journey, there […]

Bluetooth and Motorcycles

Bluetooth Communication for Motorcycle Riders

See that guy staring at the camera? That’s Paul.   More importantly, see the small bump on the side of his helmet? That’s his Bluetooth communicator… a Sena SMH10. But that’s not important right now. See those 3 bikes back there? That’s Paul’s Kawasaki on the right. The other two belong to his brother Chris, and […]