World’s First Bacon-Powered Motorcycle

World's First Bacon-Powered Motorcycle

Wait… A motorcycle powered by what?

Hormel Foods has built the first motorcycle that runs off bio-diesel made from bacon grease. I know what you’re thinking – yes it does smell like breakfast when cruising down the road. Game changer? Definitely.

Hormel Foods was looking for a unique way to promote its Black Label bacon so they teamed up with BBDO Minneapolis to create the #DrivenByBacon campaign. The campaign saw Eric Pierson take the motorbike on a documented cross-country road trip starting in Austin, Minnesota, making its way to San Diego for the 2nd annual International Bacon Film Festival on August 29th – yes that’s a real thing. Eric arrived in San Diego yesterday but the “Driven By Bacon” documentary won’t be premiered to fellow pork lovers for a few more weeks.

It will then make its way back to Minnesota where it will be displayed in the SPAM Museum.

Hormel Foods Builds First Motorcycle Powered by Bacon

Now I bet you’re wondering how this whole thing works. Well – it runs off an engine designed only by Gods. Actually, BBDO got the help of mechanical engineer Charlie Smithson who runs CS Engineering out of his garage in Minnesota. He has done work for F1 teams including BMW, Ferrari, Williams and more – so I guess he can now be classified as God-like for being a part of this incredible motor vehicle. A rare Track T800CDI made by Dutch company E.V.A. Products BV was used for the project which Smithson took apart over the course of a month. He abandoned the dual-sport stance for a cafe racer look and added a new suspension which dropped the bike 3 inches, gave is a modified frame, a custom carbon fiber and Kevlar tank and a pigskin saddle.

Now for the fun part. How did they figure out how to fuel the motorcycle? Dan Kaderabek, founder of Bio-Blend Fuels was later introduced to the project where he took 250 lbs of bacon grease and transformed it into 200 gallons of B100 bio-diesel before having the engine control unit modified for the new fuel. The bike gets between 75 to 100 mpg with an estimate of fuel costing $3.50 a gallon. That sounds about right.

Impressed? Let us know what you think about the first motorcycle powered by bacon in the comment section below.


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