5 Reasons to Take a Motorcycle Safety Training Course

motorcycle safety training course

According to Pew Research Center, 14% of American households own at least one motorcycle. While that’s not nearly as much as cars or bicycles, it’s safe to say that it’s a mode of transportation that is seeing a rise in popularity. Whether you want to save on fuel, be a little friendlier to the environment, or just want to live out your ultimate dream of being a cool biker, riding a motorcycle requires a little more effort than hopping on and riding off into the sunset. If you haven’t taken a motorcycle safety training course, here are some reasons to consider taking one:

A Safer Commute

Whether you are planning on riding your motorcycle to work everyday or just want to take a leisurely ride on the weekends, taking a safety course will make your commute safer. Consider this, most of us would never attempt to purchase or drive a car without knowing how to use it first and motorcycles are no different. By taking a basic rider course, you are equipping yourself with the simple tools to ride safer.

It May Be Required for a Motorcycle License

Depending on where you live, the requirements for getting a motorcycle license may differ. In most cases you can get a motorcycle license if you’re at least 16 years old and passing a motorcycle road test and knowledge exam. Check with your state’s official government website to see if completing a motorcycle safety training course is enough to receive your motorcycle license.

You’ll Learn How to Ride Defensively

As a motorcyclist, you are one of the most vulnerable drivers on the road. Although highways are typically the most dangerous for motorcycles, any road can be considered hazardous for a motorcycle. When you take a motorcycle safety course, you will learn several important moves to assist you in riding defensively (which is a must when sharing the road with others).

A Trial Run

One of the many benefits to taking a motorcycle safety course is that it offers you a trial run of what you may experience on the real road. Since safety courses take place in a protected and controlled environment, such as a large, empty parking lot, you are less likely to be severely injured if you happen to tip your motorcycle or loss control of your bike. If these things happen during the course, you will be instructed what to do and how to avoid such mishaps. Interstates, filled with other motorists, are not the best places to encounter some of these “firsts”.

You’ll Be More Confident

Some of the safest motorcyclists on the road are confident. One of the main purposes of a motorcycle training course, other than teaching riders about safety, is to make sure that all motorcyclists are confident. Being confident on the road will help you stay more calm in a stressful or potentially dangerous situation and will keep you safer overall. While some riders just want to ride because it makes them look cool, confidence and safety is the new “cool”.


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