5 Great Motorcycle Roads in California

5 Great Motorcycle Roads in California

California is known for being one of the best places in the world for riding a motorcycle. This is because of the thousands of miles of scenic roads that are unlike any other in the world. It’s elevation changes, twisty roads and beautiful terrain make it the perfect spot to take a road trip on your bike. We have put together a list of 5 great motorcycle roads in California to help you on your quest of finding the best roads to ride through if you live in or are planning to visit the popular American state.

5 Great Motorcycle Routes in California

1. Pacific Coast Cruise

Road Length: 127 miles

The Pacific Coast Cruise is one of the best scenic routes in America. You will be blown away by the terrain as the strip is opposite the ocean and the inland turf presents a variety of waterfalls, redwood forests, flowery meadows, lavish valleys and more. The animal life is quite spectacular as well, as you can expect to witness sea lions, otters, sharks, whales and pelicans amongst others. The road itself is perfect for any biker as it features a healthy number of turns, climbs and drops to keep you satisfied. You may run into some traffic along the way when you enter some of the town areas, but the road quality and scenic value are enough to put this route in at number one.

This top notch route is pretty easy to follow as you will stay on highway 1 the while time. You will start in Monterey, CA and end in Morro Bay, CA or vice versa.

5 Great Motorcycle Routes in California

2. Route 36

Road Length: 140 miles

If you are looking for an enjoyable ride to sit back and enjoy the scenery around you, then this may not be your best option, but if you have been living that bike life for quite some time, the twists and turns in Route 36 will make you feel like you’re in heaven. You won’t have much time to take your eyes off the road with all the crazy fun you are going to encounter. There are lots of places with long roller-coaster like drops and no guard rails, so you will need to be cautious and aware of what’s in front of you at all times.

You will start off in Redbluff, CA on highway 36 and travel west towards Fortuna, CA. You will know you’re in the right spot when you see the windy road sign that says “Next 140 Miles” under the arrow. Just stay on the highway and you’ll get to the finish line.

5 Great Motorcycle Routes in California

3. Angeles Crest Highway

Road Length: 66 miles

This route is best described as mountain rural and is filled with alpine scenery just minutes away from downtown Los Angeles, CA. The development on this road is limited so you will see a lot more forest and mountains during your ride. There’s plenty of twisting mountain roads and certain segments reach altitudes above 7000 feet. The road condition is exceptional as it is still fairly new and the traffic is majority sightseers, vacationers and locals.

You will start off in La Canada, CA and take highway 2 east up into the mountains to the end point of Wrightwood, CA. A big chunk of the route passes through mountain terrain located north of the Los Angeles basin.

5 Great Motorcycle Routes in California

4. Sonora Pass

Road Length: 79 miles

Sonora Pass is a magnificent landscape filled with snow covered mountain peaks, mountain meadows, wild flowers, wild life, waterfalls and a wide variety of trees. This road is closed during the Winter but you can still see the snow on the mountain peaks at the end of Summer. The roads are steep and narrow with some sudden drop offs and may be more appropriate for a more experienced rider.

Here you will begin in Sonora, CA and go east on highway 108 until it intersects with highway 395.

5 Great Motorcycle Routes in California

5. Death Valley

Road Length:

You may not think so from its name, but Death Valley has some of the most stunning landscape on the planet. You won’t find any form of life higher than your knee growing out there but the desert scenery will forever leave its mark in the back of your head after your first ride. The mountains are elegant and contrast between blonde and reddish brown. Spring time sheets the valley with wildflowers making it an ideal time to go for a ride if scenery is one of your main attractions.

You will enter from the east off highway 395, from the south out of Baker on I-15, from the east from Pahrump or from the north at Scotty’s Junction or Beatty both off NV 95.


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  1. arthur jewett
    October 1, 2017

    Why most of these “Best motorcycle rides…” never mentions U.S. 395 is a mystery, its one of the most beautiful rides in the country.


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